The immunity test

The immunity test

To stay on top of your health, it’s important to know about the strength of your immune system. Medeze offers a simple blood test that checks your natural killer (NK) cell activity, a key indicator of immunity.

How it works

In order to determine how well your body can defend itself against dangerous abnormal cells, Medeze measures activity in a core part of your immune system: the Natural Killer (NK) cell. In the first commercially available test of its kind, we only need to draw 1ml of fresh blood, making the procedure simple and affordable.

Your blood sample is sent to our laboratory to see how well your NK cells work when exposed to foreign cells. The test takes 72 hours to complete. Because NK cell activity indicates how well your body can defend itself, this test will help your doctor assess your risk of disease or cancer.

Outcomes and next steps

Once you’ve received the results of your immunity test, you’ll have clarity on the health risks you are currently facing. Although a low result doesn’t mean you have a disease or cancer, it might be symptomatic of that so your doctor will likely recommend further testing in the event of a low NK cell activity level.

To combat a low level of activity, Medeze offers highly active NK cell therapy which helps boost your immune system to a healthier level.

If your NK cell activity level is high, it can still be worthwhile to invest in a treatment. In an effort to promote increased longevity, maintaining the strength of your immune system will ensure your body is fighting-fit should it face disease.

Highly active NK cell therapy

If your immune system needs a boost, Medeze’s therapy solutions using highly active NK cells will give your body the recharge it needs.

How it works

Medeze has developed an innovative technique for multiplying your body’s own NK cells and activating them to their maximum potential. These cells can then be used to bolster your body’s natural defences against disease. This makes our highly active NK cell treatment a perfect way to revitalise an immune system that has been weakened by illness, ageing or stress.

It takes only two weeks and 30-35ml of blood to prepare a treatment and, unlike many medical procedures, no hospitalisation is required. The treatment is fast, simple and effective.

Outcomes and benefits

In order to prevent cancer and other diseases, it’s important to build up your immune system’s defensive power. It’s only when the immune system is weakened that cancer is able to break through your naturally-strong defences. .

Introducing more NK cell activity into your immune system will help decrease the number of mutated cells in your body, and help prevent cancerous growths. It’ll also help rebuild the strength of your whole body, from the damage anti-cancer treatments such as radiation can cause, by enhancing your immunity overall.

Increasing your NK cell activity can prevent and help fight cancer and other diseases, which means better health, quality of life, and longevity.

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